What we do

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Consultants

01. Boutique Consultancy

DatumCon is a boutique data science and artificial intelligence consulting cooperative, offering custom expert-level solutions for some of the most complex data problems.

02. Highly experienced Data Scientists

Our data scientists have a combined experience of nearly 3 decades of academic and real-world experience in turning tough data challenges into practical solutions using machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, and statistics tools.

03. Clear Communication

At DatumCon we take pride in clearly communicating our results to audiences of all backgrounds including military, retail, telecom and govermental sectors.

Direct route to A.I. Return of Investment

Our Wide Expertise

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

DatumCon team members have worked on dynamic pricing for a retail companies, fraud detection for a financial firms, customer segmentation for media, image analysis for narcotics detection for a law enforcement agency among many other machine learning and deep learning projects.


DatumCon engineers have successfully deployed A.I. Chatbots for one of the world's largest Health Organization, reducing their customer interaction costs by 65%.

Prediction Analytics

Customers work together with DatumCon data scientists in group sessions that employ machine learning. In several of our workshops, we helped clients to predict the sales of their new product using AI and machine learning and historic sales data.

Data Strategy

We help you realize a comprehensive vision and actionable foundation for your organization’s ability to harness data-related or data-dependent capability. We will also help you will all derived domain-specific strategies, such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and so forth.

Open Mind

We use all open source machine learning and big data frameworks (Tensor flow, Scikit-learn, Keras, Caffe, MLlib, Hadoop, Spark and other machine learning and big data frameworks) and platforms to ensure that any new breakthrough in AI technologies can be seamlessly adapted in the future. We do not recommend locking into any AI proprietary platforms.


Our team has effectively helped a national goverment convert large amounts of unstructured data into structured data for sentiment analysis and reputation management, at a very large scale. We have experience in English, Arabic and Spanish Natural Language Processing.

Crime and Fraud investigations

Fraud that involves cell phones, insurance claims, tax return claims, credit card transactions etc. represent significant problems for governments and businesses, but yet detecting and preventing fraud is not a simple task. Fraud is an adaptive crime, so it needs special methods of intelligent data analysis to detect and prevent it. We've worked with govermental agencies to detect potential fraud through A.I. powered screening process.

Start Accelerating towards Artificial Intelligence Today.

The potential of AI and Machine Learning in business is well articulated. But the problem for many organizations is knowing where to start. Our four week Accelerated Intelligence programme is designed to deliver a practical application of AI in just one month.

Identifying Opportunities.

We run a half day workshop with the relevant stakeholders. There are three key questions we work through - how do you make money, where do you lose money, and what data do you have available? From this starting point, we generate potential uses for AI in your business. The aim at this stage is to go broad and uncover as many opportunities as possible.

Establishing a Business Case.

Each use case is assessed for viability. We look at level of effort required, speed of adoption/implementation, quality of available data etc. With your team we look at existing software, processes and structures and collaborate to understand the potential benefit of each use case. From this process, we can identify the key uses cases to consider for pilot.

Proof of Concept.

We take a sample of the data and create a proof of concept. This PoC demonstrates the viability of the use case, showing how actionable, impactful results can be achieved from the application of AI.

Roll Out Plan.

Drawing on insight from Weeks 2 and 3, we define a high level rollout plan, covering required processes, data, resources and timings to give a clear idea of how the Proof of Concept can be integrated into your business. We will leave you with a functional prototype producing real business results, and the tools needed to build out greater capability.

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